The panic was palpable outside a north London supermarket as news of the coronavirus grew gloomier.

A video I captured has now been viewed over half a million times and was published by several major news outlets, including UK newspaper The Telegraph.

London daily The Metro quoted me on the story and used my video and photos to highlight how panic buying was spreading throughout the capital.

“Journalist Bill Snaddon, who filmed the clash, told ‘Coronavirus has sent parts of London into a panic. An Asda worker told me the first hour of shopping was meant to be for the elderly but staff saw the crowds and couldn’t handle it so everyone just rushed in, trollies jamming the entrance. A lady got caught between squished trollies for a few seconds and let out a pained squeal. A young girl with her mum looked scared. Toilet paper was sold out in 2 minutes.'”

Here’s the full story in The Metro