Fikile “Floewe” Dhladhla is a singer-songwriter from Swaziland, a tiny country in southern Africa. The talented artist spent a day without her band to sing a few of her hits a capella. Here the some videos I’ve put together.


Floewe, who’s been performing for 15 years, says she was “in a really emotional space” when writing this song, questioning her significance in a relationship.


This song is about domestic violence, a problem that is “rife” in her home country, says Floewe. Ngilamleleni is “basically me talking about something that is hardly spoken about”.


“I just needed to tell a story but at the same time address a social issue,” she says. Lomastemba is a compassionate “open letter to runaway teenagers”, noting that “a lot” of teenagers run away from their homes in Swaziland.