The streets of central London came to a standstill last week after a man drove his car into people on Westminster Bridge before crashing his vehicle into gates outside parliament.

Khalid Masood, 52, killed three pedestrians and one police officer in the attack on March 22. Masood was shot and killed by a security officer as he made his way into the parliament grounds.

Police quickly shut down the area around Westminster, where the British parliament sits, and directed people away from the scene.

Police ushering people away from Westminster Bridge and parliament square.
Staff were evacuated from nearby government buildings.
A police car heading down Whitehall Rd towards Westminster.
Police in full force giving directions to passers by.
Media were camped at several locations around Westminster.
All traffic was stopped on Whitehall Rd except for police cars that were coming and going.
Helicopters were aplenty above the attack.
Traffic was stopped on Victoria Embankment, on the River Thames, as police continued to head towards Westminster Bridge and the houses of parliament.
Westminster Bridge, where Khalid Masood mowed his car through pedestrians. Busses and cars that were on the bridge when the attack happened stayed in place for hours after the attack as police questioned all those who saw the incident.



Hundreds of people were stuck in the pods of the London Eye while police secured the area around the attack.
Local and international media were reporting from the scene long into the night.

Photos: Bill Snaddon